Recreational Equipment for Camps.
Tailored to Your Waterfront Size & Budget.

Our mission is to create endless combinations of creative play and exercise while helping campers build confidence, gain independence, shape character, reward achievement, and solidify friendships. We invite you to learn more about how we can enhance your camp experience. Contact us today to discuss your camp’s needs and how we can assist you in building stronger kids.

Summer Camp is Where Kids Learn Who They Are!

The positive impact doesn’t end when they go home after learning how to make new friends and strengthen old relationships, to try new activities and master new skills, to be on a team, and to step outside the comfort zone. These are important tools for becoming successful adults, and that’s why we design innovative, quality products to create camp environments that build stronger kids.


Explore Popular Camp Products

Nautilus. Climb. Slide. Jump.

Nautilus Waterfront Fun

The endless combinations of creative play, endurance training, and just plain fun will have your campers coming back again and again. Spending an afternoon on the Nautilus climbing, sliding and jumping will grow confidence and independence, solidify new friendships, build character, and reward achievement. These are important life-long skills that campers will learn at camp and will use the rest of their lives.

Odyssey. Three Ways To Climb.

Odyssey Camp Front

A giant jungle gym on water! The Odyssey features multiple climbing activities up to a sun deck and giant slide — enormous fun. Also includes a pirate net climber for extra fun. Fit up to 15 campers at a time. Pre-order for early spring shipping.

Power Tower. Climb. Slide. Launch.

Power Tower Water Excitement

This one does it all. Climb. Speed Slide. Jump onto the Aqua Launch shooting your friends into the air. Free climb ladders on two sides. Speed Slide from the top deck. See who can launch your friends the furthest on the Aqua Launch (sold separately).
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Ascent Slide. Climb Up. Slide Down. Tunnel Through.

Ascent Slide

Ascend to the top, and swoosh down the other side… or hang out or run through the middle. The Ascent Slide is the perfect place to do it all! Climbing wall with 12 handles. Speed slide from top platform. Hollow center for hanging out or running through.
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Splash Trax. Build Your Obstacle Course.

Splash Trax Sports Park

Our Splash Trax Modular System is available in standard or tailored to fit. Create an activity course with a variety of challenges and ability levels. We offer over 30 attachments to create your own custom waterfront course.
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Turbo Chute

The RAVE Turbo Chute comes in 20 ft sections. Create your own with one – unlimited 20 ft pieces in original or double width extreme. Use your Turbo Chute Package with all your friends and get wild on slip n’ slide fun! Or for skimming across the lake or racing events.


Floating Iceberg

Made for those who want to explore! The gigantic inflatable 14′ Iceberg mountain is a climbing wall and a water slide in one, providing enormous fun as kids and adults climb fourteen feet to the top ,then slide down into the water! Designed for up to 8 users and features 12 anchor points, 87 handles and a limited lifetime warranty*.

Water Trampolines & Attachments.

Water Trampoline Parks

Our bread and butter. Our water trampolines and Bongo bouncers come in multiple sizes to fit your campers needs. We also offer multiple attachments to keep adding on year after year.

Impact PCX. Paddle Boards.

IMPACT PCX Paddle Board

The Impact PCX Features a commercial-grade SUP construction providing a nearly indestructible design to withstand heavy use and resists the typical board damage caused by sandy and rocky shorelines. This board is ideal for group settings where paddlers are frequently less conscientious about taking care of their boards. The Impact PCX is designed for durability and longevity. Tie down point for cable lock to secure boards included.

Saturn Rocker. It’s Out of this world.

Saturn Water Rocker

For fun that’s out of this world! Rock from side to side and see how far you can make it tilt, or climb the ball for the ultimate “King of the Hill” game on the 12′ Saturn. Constructed of commercial grade, heavy-duty material, the 12′ Saturn will stand the test of time in the lake or ocean.

Water Whoosh. Walk on Water.

Water Whoosh Floating Mats

Constructed from extremely durable, yet flexible commercial grade, durable drop-stitch material, the Whoosh is built to last. The Whoosh includes a hand pump and is quick and easy to inflate, and folds up compact for easy portability and storage. With a Whoosh onbonard, there’s no need to lug around those heavy foam mats on the boat anymore! Attach it to your water trampoline.

Waterboggan. Banana Boats.


The RAVE Sports Waterboggan commercial towables are the perfect addition to your summer fun. The Waterboggan comes in 3, 5, 6 or 12 rider options and is a rugged in-line tube that gives thrills to riders of all ages, similar to the “Banana Boat”. Made from quality, commercial grade materials that are meant to last. The Waterboggan is designed to glide the fastest and delight the masses. Keep your family, friends, guests, or campers satisfied with an exhilarating ride!

Sky Totter. Teeter Totter On The Water.

Sky Water Totter

Rock and roll on this teeter totter on water! The Sky Totter is a commercial grade inflatable teeter totter for the lake or oceanfront. Up to four kids will have a blast on this totter that features 13 handles, four anchor points, and a limited lifetime warranty.

Repairs. It Happens.


We want you to use our products. Use them hard. Have fun on them. We try really hard to make them durable enough not to break in any capacity, so if your succeeded, way to go! Your campers are among the toughest out there! Not sure if you should send it in for repair or do it yourself? We have tips for ya!

Parts. Need a Replacement?

replacement parts

Safety buoys. Spring pad covers. Replacement handles. We’ve got you covered. We’ll help you find the right part for any RAVE product you have. We know it gets confusing so call us and we’ll get the right one sent to you asap!.

Rope Swing. Not Only For Trees.

Safer than traditional tree or dock swings, the RAVE inflatable floating Rope Swing features a padded swing frame, braided rope, soft jump platform, a commercial gauge galvanized steel frame and most of all, loads of fun

Shoreline SLide. It’s a Monster!

Shoreline Slide.

New! Add the “WOW!” factor to your beach. At 14′ high, this enormous slide will be the main attraction for all ages. Two stairways, safety rope rails, spacious top platform with mesh protection for safety and shade plus giant open middle to hang out with pals.

Attachments. Hook em’ together.


Add on the fun to your water trampoline, bounce platform, Activity Island, or Splash Trax. RAVE’s Aqua Attachments are designed to fit anywhere around the water trampoline or bouncer. Slides to logs and the infamous Aqua Launch, our water attachments keep the excitement and smiles going all day.