RAVE® created the Aqua Jump® Eclipse™ in response to consumer input. Our customers asked us for a lighter weight product that was easier to set up, take down, and store in the off season. As a result, we developed the first and only barless water trampoline ... the Eclipse®!

Compared to competitors' water trampolines, the Eclipse™ offers more square footage of jump surface because the frame is removed, while also creating a safer environment. We offer two color options for our Eclipse™ water trampolines: our traditional yellow and blue as well as the Northwoods green and tan option that blends more naturally with the local habitat. The only difference with the Northwoods option is the color.

We also offer the Classic Aqua Jump® water trampoline to serve the specific needs of the commercial camp and resort market. RAVE® Classic Aqua Jumps® have a steel bar frame around the perimeter of the tube that secures the springs and jump mat, unlike the Eclipse™ which has the springs connected between the tube and the jump mat. The Classic and Eclipse™ models provide the same amount of jump performance and product quality, and the Eclipse™ models are far less work to set-up. However for those who prefer the steel frame, that option is available. Learn more about the Classic vs. Eclipse water trampolines.

The Creation of the Aqua Jump Eclipse

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