What’s the Difference Between an Aqua Jump® Eclipse™ Water Trampoline and a Bongo™ Bouncer?

There is a common misconception that a water trampoline is the same as a water bouncer, however there are significant differences. The difference is in the construction between an Water trampoline vs Water BouncerAqua Jump® Eclipse™ water trampoline and the Bongo™ water bouncer. The Eclipse™ is considered a water trampoline because it has springs that connect the jump mat directly to the tube. The springs are what make a trampoline, a trampoline. The Bongo™ is considered a “water bouncer” because it does not have springs.

The Bongo™ is created using webbing that connects the bounce mat directly to the tube. Without springs, the Bongo is only considered a bouncer. The Aqua Jump® Eclipse™ water trampoline will allow the user to jump higher and performs more like an actual trampoline. The Bongo™ bouncer on the other hand provides less “jump” and more of a “bounce”, hence why it is described as a “bouncer”. It is important to note that the Eclipse™ water trampoline IS NOT a land trampoline. You will not be able to jump as high as a normal land trampoline due to the physics of water displacement and the tube, but it will allow the user to “jump” higher than a Bongo™.

The Bongo™ is an attractive choice for consumers who prefer a single set-up process, want a more transportable unit and is often used as a swim deck. Without springs the Bongo™ simply needs to be inflated, moved to the water and you’re ready to use. The Eclipse™ is a little more involved because you must first attach the springs to the tube during inflation, and attach the spring pad cover which prevents users from jumping on the springs prior to moving to the water for use. Either option offers the same quality, durability and warranty. The preference of use is determined by the consumer.

Whether your choice is an Aqua Jump® Eclipse™ water trampoline or a Bongo™ bouncer, in terms of fun, you just can’t beat being out on the water!

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