Luma Tube

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Revitalize your park with the latest in waterpark tube technology with the patent-pending Luma Tube™. With a flexible LED multicolor strip, the Luma Tube is more than just a great way to attract new guests to your waterpark, it also provides many unique revenue opportunities.

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  • 42" x 15-16" ID x 13" inflated
  • 48" diameter deflated
  • 28 gauge PVC construction with anti-mold/mildew and UV-protectant
  • Pinch weld seams with 5" gussets
  • Stem inflation valve
  • 2 molded handles
  • Frosted clear tube with flexible LED multi-color light strip

Create New Events Never Before Possible

  • Night time lazy river
  • Special events / pool parties
  • Cosmic float night
  • Endless opportunities!

New Sources of Revenue

  • Up-charge for use of cool new light-up tube
  • Potential to sell light sticks to patrons at end of day

Versatile - Use Indoors or Out

  • Waterproof design and construction
  • Auto on/off illumination

Designed for Simplicity

  • Simple and easy change out of batteries
  • Tamper resistant light source
  • High reliability and longevity
  • No need for multiple colors of tubes, thus no inventory management

Min. order quantity: 100

Luma Tube

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